Who we are. 

MACLANS is a company based in the Philippines who produce clean high quality fresh shrimp and also source from only the best farms in the Philippines for the local market and also for export where we can ship fresh sustainable high-quality shrimp worldwide.

There is no trace of preservatives, pollutants, antibiotics or hormones in the shrimp we supply, and we only work with dealers and fish farms in the Philippines who have the same values.

We use understanding of biology and humane methods to produce and harvest healthy shrimp as properly raised shrimp are among the healthiest proteins. Proper management and distribution mean no unnecessary treatments.

We offer you the only shrimp that are as good for your health as they are for the environment. Traditional shrimp fishing and farming practices are destroying the environment, and most products reaching us are of mysterious quality and origin. We are breaking down the mystery and producing fresh, clean shrimp with a fraction the impact on the environment.

We value customer service, appreciative clients and market intelligence and will ensure all products go through a strict quality control exercise before being shipped. We utilize our extensive experience spanning all aspects of the shrimp farming industry from farming to purchasing to freight and logistics in order to consistently prove to you that we have your margins in mind.

Our relationship knows no borders.

Through many cumulative years of experience working in the shrimp business, we have developed longstanding relationships with both our customers and a network of over 50 suppliers. We can take care of the full package of sourcing and shipping product throughout the world.

Need to ship internationally? Not a problem; we are also capable of meeting our customer’s needs by exporting product to nearly any part of the world.

We want to supply clean, fresh high quality shrimp with no preservatives, antibiotics, pollutants or hormones.

Maclan's is passionate about shrimp welfare and focused on achieving our environmental responsibilities through a series of eco-sustainable business practices. We have spent countless hours putting into place proven procedures to ensure the shrimp we supply is clean, fresh and with no traces of preservatives, pollutants, antibiotics or hormones.