We offer some of the only preservative-free shrimp or prawns you can find.

Oxidation or melanosis will occur faster than you are used to from preserved commodity shrimp. While not spoiled, blackening of the head and shell can be avoided. Please follow these guidelines: 

  • Keep shrimps cold and in a sealed bag or container.

  • Use whole fresh or thawed shrimps within 3 days of harvest date. 

  • Fresh shrimps may be frozen for up to 6-8 weeks, with only minimal softening in texture.

  • To extend shelf life to 5 days, remove (but do not throw away!) heads.

  • If you forget about your shrimps and are unclear if they are still good, smell for ammonia. Our shrimps are fresh and untreated, so should not smell of ammonia or chlorine.