Is shrimp good for me?

It may surprise you to learn that wild shrimp is one of the healthiest animal proteins in the world. It is high in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, yet very low in fat and calories.

We do not add any preservatives, additives, or antibiotics during processing, and we are proud to offer chemical-free clean prawns to our customers.

We have mastered the ability to facilitate a healthy living environment, allowing shrimp to be shrimp again. We look forward to supplying more families with their favorite healthy seafood without the guilt, doubt or confusion that we face today.

Are your shrimp good for me?

Most people have never truly tasted fresh shrimp that go from tank to plate in hours! Our shrimp have firm texture (not soggy or ‘mealy’ like processed and frozen shrimp) and clean flavor (unlike ‘fishier’ marine shrimp or ‘muddier’ shrimp farmed in brown water).

Our shrimp are also visibly differentiated from what you see in the grocery store because of the way they are grown. Our shrimp are more vibrant than what you are used to seeing. The shells are clearer, and colors are more defined.

Our shrimp is good for the environment.

Whether farmed or wild, traditional shrimp production is an ecological destroyer. Traditional shrimp farming decimates mangrove habitats, and mangroves can sequester 200x more carbon than rainforests.

Wild shrimp fishing on the other hand destroys in a different way. Fishermen drag nets on the bottom, sort out the shrimp and dump the rest, called, bycatch, overboard, an estimated 97% of which is dead. All in all, fishing bycatch amounts to 63 billion pounds of dumping per year, and shrimp fishing is one of the worst offenders. Wild shrimping kills 6 pounds of other sea life to land 1 pound of shrimp on average.

Maclan's Farm grows shrimp in an environment so that no natural habitats are harmed.

What species of shrimp do you farm?

Maclan's flagship product is Litopenaeus Vannamei, or Pacific white-leg shrimp. Also known simply as "White Shrimp" or "King Prawns", these animals are the most commonly sold shrimp in the world.

Uncommonly, our's are guaranteed to be clean. Raised in purified salt water, we do not harm other marine or terrestrial friends while bringing you a premium product. It's a win-win!

What do you feed your shrimp?

Our feed is shelf-stable and made of a mix of fish meal, fish oil, algae meal, squid meal, and a plant-based binder.

We source our feed in the USA from ZIelger.